• All the contributions will be evaluated by a Selected Committee on May 6th. The ideas will be graded based on their originality, innovative contribution, and quality of presentation.
  • The three best ideas will be selected by the Committee.
  • The Winners will be awarded with the possibility to give a presentation during the Award Cerimony of theISLFD-24 Conference on May 9th

Download the Program

The three winner poster will be exposed in the Conference poster session.


  • First prize: 1000 €
  • Second prize: 600 €
  • Third prize: 400 €

Other awards

Biopharma Group Prize

Biopharma Group will award one team of the PoliTO Student Contest on Drying and Freeze-Drying with the possibility to access its 5-hour recorded webinar series on the fundamentals of lyophilisation (commercial value €1100) and then to have their own customised half-day remote workshop.  Scientists from Biopharma Group’s R&D team will liaise with the winning team to design a bespoke online workshop to cover more specific / advanced topics within the field of freeze-drying (for example on cycle development, scale-up, QbD or DoE approaches).  The tailored programme would then be delivered by Biopharma Group’s own scientists in an online session.

Biopharma Group will consider not only the project novelty and potential impact on advancing freeze-drying technology, but also the practical applicability of the project in a commercial setting.