Instruction & Registration

For all students who want to participate, here is, in brief, how to register

First of all every Team must designate a Team Leader. The Team Leader acts as a representative of the Team and will be responsible for registering the Team to the Contest and being the contact person for any communication.

A double registration will be necessary to ensure the regularity of the competition:

  • on the official Scholarship and Prizes page of Politecnico di Torino- looking for DISAT prizes
  • on this site at the address you will find below

Please note that all the members of the team have to register on Polito website by the deadline, but early registration of the team leader is recommended, to proceed with submission, while team members may be added at a later time, and new members eventually added, always before the expiry date of the call.

STEP by STEP Procedure

STEP 1. For Not PoliTO STUDENTS -> Create an account on PoliTO website, apply@polito (first registration) . Here, the Team Leader will be asked to list also the members of the Team (but additional member will be accepted) and to give only the title of the proposal (and number of challenge addressed). At the end of the procedure, the Team Leader will receive an alphanumeric code starting with “f”. This code has to be used in the following step. For PoliTO STUDENTS, it will be necessary to select the appropriate announcement on the personal PoliTo page in the Scholarship and Awards category, and then proceed with the same rules as before.

STEP 2. Short abstract submission. The Team Leader has to submit the title of the project, the addressed challenge number, and a short abstract (max. 200 words) using the Abstract Submission Form (second registration). The procedure will ask the alphanumeric code (starting with “f” for non-PoliTO students and with “s” for PoliTO students) to link the abstract submission to the Team registration. STEP 1 and 2 must be performed before April 19th, 2024.

Please note that applicant are invited to start registration asap, with basic data, to help organisation, taking into account that the abstract can be uploaded, or modified, at a later time until deadline. In this regard, the registration form allows it to be reopened to make the next abstract entry or other changes. To proceed you will need to register with an MS account or have access to the MS Form Teams portal.

STEP 3. Poster submission. Posters must be submitted by e-mail by the Team Leader before April 28th, 2024. The e-mail must be addressed to The subject of the e-mail must be: “Poster submission  – Team XX”, where “XX” stands for the surname of the Team Leader. All posters will be printed by the organisation, and exposed in a reserved space at Polito on May 6 and online. For attending partecipants there will be also a poster session discussion, open to all conference partecipants and students.

STEP 4. Online Poster presentation on May 6 for all partecipants. For people attending in presence there will be also a poster discussion session and a welcome buffet, open to public, where all the poster sent will be exposed.